My Why

When I first started job searching before my senior year of undergrad, I felt hopeless. I followed all of the job search tips and tricks the career websites said to do. Nothing worked. Then I did a bit of digging into the people who wrote said tips and found that they came from women who are nothing like me. Their articles were in the lense of their personal experience, which is well, a bit biased. They didn’t have the same barriers I faced as a woman of color.

Eventually, my luck changed and I was able to establish myself in my field and niche, but not without the support of other amazing women of color. The mentors, colleagues, and women I have networked with online were key to starting my career as a marketer. I decided to launch the Curly Professional as a resource, a safe space, and ultimately, an acknowledgment of working young women in our entirety, not just the 9-5 version of us. 

Although I originally started the Curly Professional as a podcast, I’m excited to now have it exist as a blog. This passion project of mine has been a long time coming, and I’m hoping that this blog resonates with you all as well!

Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals.

Dorothy Height

Let's Get Personal

So to start, my name is Camille Vogl. I live in South Florida, although I was born in New York. I identify as Afro-Latina, being born to a Puerto Rican and Black mother, and a Nicaraguan Father. All of this to say, I’ve been blessed enough to be exposed to many cultures.

I work in Customer Experience (CX), which is kind of a fancy way of saying I help keep existing customers engaged and happy, digitally. I graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration in 2017, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Digital Marketing. In 2019, I graduated with a Master of Science in Marketing. I also now teach personal branding and WordPress at a local University here to masters students.

I practice something called “Screen-less Saturdays” where I refuse to get on my laptop for any reason at all. I’m a big nerd at heart, and will gladly spend all day watching a Star Wars marathon. Theme parks are my jam. I probably swear a bit more than I should. And I consider myself a Jill of many trades, I like to pick up new skills every so often.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be tenacious. I’m extremely goal-oriented and not easily deterred. Which sometimes could be to my detriment, as I’m a bit stubborn about causes and people I care about. I’m a ESTJ for the Myers-Briggs lovers out there, and a 3 if you’re into Enneagrams. 

Happy to have you here on my little slice of the internet and hope to get to know you all too. I’m here to help, whether its to lend an ear, give some advice, or even share a meme when you need it the most.